DQE was formed in 1986 by Grace Braun, Chris Verene (Rock*a*teens) and Zak Sitter (Fat Day).Their origin could be found in low fi, Destroy All Music chaos, and they began recording and performing immediately.

in 1990 DQE assembled along with Marty Matteson, Justin Hughes and Jan Ollis and recorded "N is for Nollidge," their first widely distributed album and large band experience.

"N" featured a host of notable DQE standards, including "Do Right" and "Buttermilk Pancake" and championed by Graces then-man Daniel Johnston.

Grace credits Daniel with introducing her to the guitar and tape recorder and encouraging her to write and to learn.

In 1991 while on a trip to Louisville Grace met Dex Romweber (Flat Duo Jets) and saw him perform in what she has maintained was the best show of her life.  DQE became a two piece, the two musicians became friends, and under this inspiration she began to practice and write with dedication- recording the  album "But Me I Fell Down" with Steve Albini recording and Chris Verene on drums.




Do Right

Do Right copyright Grace Braun 1989 BMI Golden Braun Maus  



well you don't know a good thing till it's gone

       Amin                                    Emin

you slipt through my fingers while you were being 


strong you don't know your right from your left


from your wrong and you won't do me right


without first doing me wrong  without first doing


Me wrong

Well I heard you were thinking about pondering considering giving us one more day when you took our love and you threw it away I'm leaving you and I'm leaving to stay our love is through today to stay because


take off them spectacles don't even try to look for pity from this discarded heart when you took our love and you tore it apart do you know how to walk I suggest you start no more candy kisses for you it's true because


is that your shadow slinkin across the floor you know I don't love you anymore your tell tail lies have told on you I ll find me another lover twice as true because




I wrote this song in 1989 because I heard Peggy Lee sing HER "Do Right" on the radio- and had no way to record it or even buy a record of it and I wanted to play and sing it, and be part of it myself.